January 2006

Dan North, singer/songwriter, Sydney
the Cat, Sydney
udge, lead guitar, Sydney
my little silver car at midnight, North Sydney
bushwalking heros Matt, Julia and Rebecca Galeano, wedding day, Sydney
fellow bagpiper Jase Mc, busy in the shed, Sydney
Manda, with Forest, Sydney
Jase and Manda's little Simba, Sydney
Mad Melody, Sydney
Kookaburra at Dan's house, Sydney
Ed North, admiring the music, Sydney
Tom and Ana, visiting from Brisbane, Sydney
Alex Batten, Sydney
Rossco at home, Sydney.
Sydney Harbour, from Cremorne Point, NYE
Dan & Cat at home
Marsh and Justeen LAN gaming
The Beach, Bilgola, Sydney.
Heidi at Bilgola
Bron and Alex at home
Can you see the Penguin? South Australia
the dry coastine, near Adelaide, South Australia
Ab and the Pelicans, Sth Aust.
Sunset at the beach, Adelaide
Beach volleyball competition, Glenelg, Adelaide
the vast seemingly endless Nullabor (No Trees), South Australia
Indian Pacific train travels Sydney to Perth twice a week, Cook, Western Australia
Kangaroo Paw, WA
Ab, and the Perth Skyline, dusk. WA
Gold mining town Kalgoorlie during curfew, 10pm, WA.
Whats all that about? Kalgoorlie, WA
Swan Bells on the Swan River, Perth, WA
Fremantle Markets, WA
Ab and a sunburnt me, Fremantle, WA
Peacock on Rottnest Island, WA
Ah the serenity, Rottnest Island, WA
a Quokka! Rottnest Island, WA
icecream wedding cake, Kattaning, WA